Conversion Optimization Tips to Improve Website Performance

Conversion rate optimization, also known as CRO, is a practice for increasing the percentage of visitors on a website into customers. More generally, the aim is to have users make a desired action on a web page.

Since so much of our (and our customers’) time is spent online, it only makes sense to take conversion rate optimization seriously. Improving your website’s performance won’t only make it better for your customers, but for your business. Web design agency Columbus Ohio that works closely with clients will help you.

Here are some tips on how you can use conversion optimization services to improve your site’s performance:

Monitor Your Web Data

Before you’re able to make improvements to your website, you need to understand where you’re starting. Use tools like Google Analytics to track your web data so you can see who is accessing your site, how they’re accessing it, and which pages have a high exit rate. This information will be helpful in determining your course of action.

Study Visitor Behaviors

Using tools like heat maps, scroll maps, and form analyzers will allow you to see how visitors are using your page. You’ll be able to see how they interact with your web elements, and determine the exact point they lose interest.

Utilize Surveys

Using real time surveys on your website is another great way to gain useful insight. The surveys can be targeted to appear to users after they take a specific action, for example, when they remove something from their cart or exit out of a page. These surveys are great because they offer opinions from real users while they’re still on your website and their impressions are fresh.

Implement Personalization

Personalizing your website for visitors is a great way to improve their experience. To do this you need to be knowledgeable of the types of people who are accessing your website so you can cater your content to them. You can use customization to offer user specific products as well as user specific information.

Track Every Conversion

It’s important to track every conversion that occurs on your site, whether they be micro or macro. Micro conversions are smaller scale, like watching a video or reading content while macro conversions are larger, like signing up for a free trial. By monitoring both types you can offer better incentives and understand how micro conversions influence macro conversions.

Evaluate Your Design and User Experience

How your website looks is just as important as how well it functions. Your site needs to be visually pleasing, organized, and intuitive. If something is jarring in your design it will deter visitors, and no matter how great your product or service is it will be difficult to convert. Determine what works best for your users with A/B testing as you make changes, and listen to the numbers.

While you can certainly optimize your website yourself, sometimes we need some help. Conversion rate optimization services are offered by many reputable companies. Just be sure you do thorough research and select the company that will best benefit your business and work for you.

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