Missing Seasonal Traffic on your Website? These are some Reasons

When the holidays come, we can finally relax and have fun. But did you know that while you’re drinking glowering or carving a pumpkin, your site’s traffic and sales could be skyrocketing? If not, you’re probably not getting the most of seasonal organic traffic.

In today’s post on seasonal SEO, we’ll analyze 5 common reasons for getting little or no seasonal traffic from the search engines. Surely, we’ll also review the necessary optimization steps. Here are a few more things you’ll learn in the guide:

  • Which types of seasonal traffic exist;
  • How to manage seasonal keyword research;
  • Why evergreen content can be your best asset;
  • How to watch your competitors’ seasonal SEO activities.

What’s seasonal traffic?

First things first, let’s define seasonal traffic. Seasonality is a pattern or a fluctuation that is correlated with a season. Therefore, seasonal traffic can be best described as changes in the way users interact with the search engines throughout the year. And sure thing, these changes must do with a huge variety of causes:

Reason 1: You don’t analyze your site’s traffic patterns.

As simple as that — marketers become obsessed with monthly reports on traffic, rankings, and conversions, and simply have no time or forget to look back at the yearly stats.

SOLUTION:   Check year-over-year traffic stats.


Reason 2: You ignore areas of opportunity.

SOLUTION  Make a list of seasonal events.


Reason 3: You’re not using seasonal keywords.

SOLUTION  Build out a list of seasonal keywords.


Reason 4: You create a brand new page for seasonal SEO.

SOLUTION  Optimize evergreen landing pages.


Reason 5: You’re not watching your competition.

SOLUTION  Analyze competitors’ seasonal SEO.


How do you handle seasonal SEO? Have you been particularly successful with some niches and events? Let me know in the comments below!

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