6 Tips Should Every Blogger Know for SEO in 2019

6 Tips Should Every Blogger Know for SEO in 2019

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2019 SEO Tips for Every Blogger

After the first introduction of SEO, it was hectic to manipulate. In 2019, manipulation of SEO no longer remains the same and becomes easier than it was before. Now, it is all about the temporary strategies and tactics and can be the best game changer.

Best SEO tips 2019 is loaded with such tips which will provide the website to secure a place on the first page of the search result with the help of blogging. The search result will obtain by searching on the Search Engines like Archie Query, Ask.com, MSN, Baidu, and Yahoo.

Have you ever heard or seen that these Search Engines are used? Some have barely heard about these because Google is the dominating Search Engine we have ever found! There is no doubt that Google is becoming smarter day-by-day and trustworthy as well.

In fact, some stats are also indicating to this domination. A survey reveals that in every second Google is used for 67k searches. Google blogger SEO is well-experienced and knows that 39 percent of global E-commerce traffic comes from the search that people made. So, they want to use such tactics which make their website placed on the first page of the search result.

About 93% of online experience starts with the Search Engine. Paid ads are ignored by 80% of users. These are all important facts because; all of them have a vital role to play for SEO. As time changes, a great impact can be seen on SEO because of newly emerging technologies.

The Smartphone and Voice Search are the trendsetters and it is expected that 50% search will take place over voice command in 2020. In the last year, about 58% of searches are made from the Smartphone and tablets.

Here, we will deal about such 6 tips which must be known by blogger. It helps them to obtain the best result of SEO in 2019. Moreover, you will know how to optimize blog posts for SEO at the same time. So, let’s check it out below.

1. Proper Research

A blogger can only be able to secure a position in the search engine result by posting new and unique blogs at a regular interval of time. Page optimization of SEO is completely depended on the “Keyword Search”. It is a daunting job for a blogger as each time the blogger has to find out unique keywords for the same topic which is really very confusing.

Many Blogger SEO tools are there to find out the relevant keywords for the same topic. Some of them are useful for spying on the competition of the phrases and words which are being targeted multiple times for increasing the traffic of the website.

2. Optimizing the website with images

Will you find any interest to read such blogs which have no images? Definitely not! Multimedia is such a component which enable us to stay instinct to something for a long period of time. Now, you have clearly understood that it is also responsible for optimization. The latest blogspot tips and tricks reveal the usage and importance of image ALT tags.

You don’t have to paste anything on the blog directly. These tags are helpful for offering a clear picture of what the website is all about. It is attached in the side of the file name and by clicking to it one can easily able to see the image and the picture. One can include it in the Title field too.

3. Optimizing with the Meta tags

Tagging different tags are basic SEO for blogging. Literally, you can call it “skeleton” and “bones” for SEO processing. There are four crucial Meta tags on which every blogger put their focus. The image is also a tag but the other three tags are header tags, Meta description, and Title tags. All these have an immense role to play for providing a rank to the website.

The title tag is the title of the blog which can be seen on browser tabs and as the hyperlink. Yoast SEO for blogger is the simplest one to use to make SEO-friendly title tags. The Meta description is the brief snippet appears under the title tag. It gives us the idea of what we can expect on the site. One must know the technique and word limits before writing each tag.

4. Referencing the blog with other links

If you want to know how to increase SEO in a blog post, then this is the best blogging etiquette you can choose. In this process, if you find that you are unable to add adequate information in the given word limit, you can attach external link form further information.

This process will help you to receive some more informative links which can be used for other blog posts. It increases the readability score and the website can gain a good position in the search result too.

5. Using the Social Media sites for broadening the target audience

Social Media sites for broadening the target audience

We all use Google+, Twitter and Facebook and spend most of the time on these popular social networking sites. These have the potentiality of securing a connection between the customers and the services and products of your company.

Web exposing will be easier than it was before if you promote these blog posts on these social media sites. You can choose a professional blogger who knows how to write SEO friendly content for this job. Free programs are available on a large extent for an easy posting of blogs and even you can design images to use on different social platforms.

6. Optimizing the body of the content

Do you know what major mistake makes by bloggers is? It is overconfident of composing the accurate and best blog post for a website. You can only write as it is completely depended on the readers how they will consider the post. But, best blog structure for SEO is that which has the fullest potential.

Rather than stuffing the content with unnecessary keywords, it will maintain its flow even with it. Before start writing, analyzing and structuring the keywords accordingly is the prime job for securing a rank in the search result.


Hope, you have understood the tips and the ways they act for boosting the blog post.  It is not mandatory to note that while composing a blog you must always go with pure content. It is because; the content body can make the blog post unique which is a great positivity for securing the position on the first page of the search result.

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