Why Choose Magento for Your eCommerce Website

Why Choose Magento for Your eCommerce Website

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Why Choose Magento for Your eCommerce Website

Advantages That Will Make You Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce

If you own an online store or want to create an e-commerce website, you know better than anyone that the platform on which you launch your shop is essential to build your business. It is on this shop and this platform that you will spend most of your time and earn more money. Choosing Magento for your e-commerce website is an excellent choice in terms of speed of execution, ease of modification of your offers, and reliability in the security and administration of your different product pages. Choosing a platform that matches your needs is also about success and productivity.

Top 15 reasons to choose Magento for your eCommerce website

1. Advanced software

Magento has very advanced features concerning the ergonomic navigation on its platform, the ease of adaptation regarding the disposition of the products to be put on sale, the functionalities in the shop itself and the assembly of the products according to their themes or characteristics. The wish list is also well done resulting in an excellent user experience. How to Grow Your Business Online with a Custom eCommerce Website

2. Services available all over the world

By opening your online store on Magento, you no longer have to worry about the language or currency of your customers. Just translate your website into different languages so that everyone around the world can understand what you’re selling and they can buy it. The great advantage of Magento is that it blurs the visible geographical limits so that the site adapt to all the countries of the world. You can therefore offer a large number of credit cards or contact forms adapted to all Internet users.

3. Clear statistics about your activity

Magento offers an assortment of detailed statistics to have the information you expect about your business. Reports are sent to you about the flow of visitors, demand, out-of-stock products, new items on the market, etc. Taking advantage of this information allows you to develop better strategies and saves you a lot of time in terms of market research.

4. Better order management

Managing and sorting your orders allows you to send your products faster and more efficiently depending on the date of purchases made by your different customers. A good control panel allows you to better manage your inventory and take stock of your flagship products and optimize your marketing campaign. Magento allows you to visualize your orders, to create new ones, to execute others, to raise invoices, or to edit coupons of all kinds. It also allows you to keep your customers informed about the progress of their orders by sending notifications by e-mail or RSS feed.

5. Mobile e-commerce sites

Magento supports different mobile formats in the design of its themes and websites to connect anywhere and anytime. This guarantees the appropriation of online sales sites “responsive”, that is, which can shrink or grow depending on the device from which you visit your site (smartphone, desktop, touch pad, etc.).

6. Have several shops in one

A few years ago, setting up multiple stores from a single admin panel was a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Today, thanks to Magento, you can easily and quickly configure your preferences and catalogs in each shop. You can manage all your online offers on all your sites from a single clear and functional table available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

7. Google services tailored to Magento

Working with Google, Magento has improved its performance and services. It has become more efficient since Google gives it access to many statistics such as order tracking, downloads of various web content or tracking purchases through its own tools Google Analytics, Google Checkout or Google Base.

8. Powerful marketing tools

Magento offers its users marketing tools in line with the needs of each company. Using Magento facilitates the development of your online advertising campaigns as different options are available to showcase your products: flexible discount coupons, group purchases, promotional price selection, private sales, landing page optimized for Internet users having click on your link, etc.

9. Simplified coding accessible to as many people as possible

Magento uses very simple encodings that any user can use. Everything is designed to make things very understandable, even when you are new to the Internet. The codes are clearly defined by Magento which attract many companies to opt for this system.

10. The easy addition of additional components

The Magento team makes every effort to ensure that updates are scarce and additions of plug-ins and extensions do not disturb your business. Adding additional extensions is still necessary when you want to expand your e-commerce. However, the latter does not complicate or contradict your old parameters: your activity therefore does not suffer the consequences of your various settings changes.

11. Magento: an open source software

Since Magento has free software, every user can help improve their services by providing new ideas, and introduce new, more modern and technically advanced features. It is therefore a platform that is constantly improving and offers its users state-of-the-art services. The implications of its developers make it a productive tool and more attentive to the doubts of its interlocutors.

12. A boon for developers

Developers see Magento as a tool with many possibilities. It is easy for them to update their content, add pages on their sites, install pages including secure online payments. This e-commerce solution offers significant opportunities for development.

13. Great flexibility for companies

No matter the size of your business, Magento adapts to your needs and takes into account your characteristics to offer you the best on your scale. For example, the tool offers “Magento Enterprise” for larger accounts from medium or large companies. For Magento, eavery company has its advantages and so it proposes different themes always adapted to your needs with always the same flexibility.

14. Using the SEO dashboard

“Magento SEO” has been able to solve many optimization problems of the pages of a site for SEO. Google’s criteria for referencing its sites on its engine are more demanding. Optimizations must be natural but present what is difficult to achieve if you do not have a dashboard provided for this purpose. Tips for indexing pages, duplicate content, page traffic, or textual and iconographic content of the landing page are real values added to your business to give it all the visibility it deserves. How to improve the SEO of a Magento eCommerce Store

15. A simplified purchasing process

Finally, Magento guides your customers from the selection of desired products to virtual payment on the site. All steps of the purchase process are clear and fast, which prevents your customers from getting lost in the process or not understanding the online purchasing system. The baskets are clearly identifiable and easily searchable, even when the navigation on the site is continuous. In addition, your customers have the choice to pay online with over 50 different payment methods and credit cards: a real global challenge.

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