CRO: What It Is and Why It’s Important for Your Business

CRO: What It Is and Why It’s Important for Your Business

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People are visiting your website. That’s good! You can see in your monthly reports that your organic website visits—or visitors coming to your website via search engines—has increased dramatically. Your web traffic is on the up-and-up, but you’re not seeing the same increase in sales or contact from those visitors.

If you have plenty of visitors to your site, but no one biting on products and services or reading your content, you probably need conversion rate optimization services. These services optimize your website so that visitors turn into customers. The basis of CRO is figuring out what your visitors need when they arrive at your website and then placing those solutions in obvious and easy-to-access spots.

Sometimes this means placing call-to-actions on every page or streamlining your conversion funnel by removing complicated or unnecessary steps. Your website should be set up and optimized in such a way that the chances of potential partners, customers, and clients performing the desired actions—filling out the contact form, buying the product, or requesting services—is maximized.

OK, so how exactly does a conversion rate optimization agency do that?

The nuts and bolts of it is finding out why website visitors are not converting into customers and then fixing it. If a contact form is too long and has too many required fields to fill out before it could be submitted, then maybe that’s what’s deterring visitors from completing the form. Fix it, make it shorter and easier to fill out, then wait for the results. If you see an increase in contact form fill outs, then one part of your website has been optimized for conversion. Then you can begin tackling other parts of your website that may be problematic.

A conversion rate optimization agency will research each potential problem carefully. Is the feature obsolete or does it just need updating? Then they will brainstorm a solution. Maybe take the feature out completely and throw it away because no one wants to use your ordering system or product questionnaire. Then a CRO company will implement a new functionality on your website to keep visitors coming back and buying your product or booking your services. Finally, a CRO services agency will analyze the results of those efforts to find correlations between its solutions and increased conversion rates.

It’s important to remember that conversion rate optimization services should not follow the practices of other websites. What works for another business may not work for you. If you are looking for CRO services for your website, be sure to hire a conversion rate optimization agency that provides individualized services and solutions for your business to increase your conversion rates.

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