6 Digital Marketing Metrics You Should Start Focusing on Today

6 Digital Marketing Metrics You Should Start Focusing on Today

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Digital Marketing Metrics You Should Start Focusing

As an online digital marketer, e-commerce owner, or a digital-focused entrepreneur, it is always a great thing seeing your company grow. As competition in the digital space increases, it is always a great thing to see your company stand out against the competition. To achieve that, you have likely invested heavily on search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, search engine marketing, and email marketing among others. In this article, we will look at the key metrics that you should always pay your attention on. You can always view these numbers from your analytics software such as Google analytics.

Mobile Traffic

The source of your website traffic is very important. This is simply because it helps you determine the behavior or the characteristics of your users. These days, most internet users are using their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to surf the web. As a result, search providers like Google and Bing are paying close attention to ensure that websites they rank higher are optimized for the mobile. Indeed, Google has explicitly said that it ranks mobile-optimized websites higher than those that are not. It has also provided a tool for any website owner to see whether their websites are optimized. Therefore, you should watch closely the mobile traffic and whether it is growing. If it is not, you should get a good Silicon Valley SEO specialist to optimize your site for the web.

Organic Growth

As an entrepreneur, organic growth is the most important aspect of your business. This refers to the growth that you don’t pay for. For a website, this simply refers to the people who visits your website by seeing your results on the search engines. This data is readily available on your Google analytics dashboard. If you see your results from the search falling, it simply means that you need to make some action. For example, it means that you need to spend more time optimizing your website for SEO. Some of the things you could do is to add more content, check the recent Google algorithm changes, and compare the actions of your competitors. A good SEO San Jose company can help you realize the mistakes and remedy them.

Customer Acquisition Cost

If you watch Shark Tank, you have likely heard the sharks talk about customer acquisition cost (CAC). As the name suggests, this is the price it costs for you to acquire a single customer. The data is calculated by dividing the revenue by the total number of customers. In an ideal situation, the CAC needs to be low to ensure that your business is profitable. As an entrepreneur, you should always look at this number and make the necessary changes. If the CAC is too high, you should think of other appropriate methods of acquiring customers.

Source of Your Traffic

Most analytics dashboards will tell you the source of your traffic. They do this by tracking all the people who visit your website. If you have invested well in SEO, you want most of your traffic to come directly from the search engines. Other sources of traffic will be from the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Another important source is external links from website owners who have shared your content. By taking time to understand the source of traffic, you can easily know how to improve it.

Your Best Performing Pages

As you analyze your traffic, you will find that some pages do better than others. As such, you want to see those pages and learn from them. For example, if an article you wrote about a company like Tesla did so well, it means that there is a lot of interest on the company. As a result, you in future, you should write more articles like that. Similarly, if an article you wrote had minimal traffic, you can focus on other stories in future. Therefore, you should take time to look at the performance of all your pages and blogs.

Conversion Funnel Rates

In the online world, a funnel is very essential. A funnel refers to the journey that a potential customer takes up to a point in which they become customers. This process has four main steps, which are awareness, interest, desire, and action. As you analyze your data, you need to look at this funnel and see how the potential customers behave during each step.

Final Thoughts

A common mistake we often see is online companies that have not invested in quality data and analytics. These companies have great websites but don’t know how their users are growing, where they are coming from, and how to improve the entire process. As industry experts, we always advice online companies to invest in quality analytics. In most cases, this is usually free because tools like Google analytics don’t cost anything.

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