How Does GDPR Impact Mobile App Development?

How Does GDPR Impact Mobile App Development?

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How Does GDPR Impact Mobile App Development

In the world of technology, technology has been and will remain a crucial element. It is a paramount concern for mobile application development firms to process data. Whether it is personal assistant or social media, data fuels everything. Amid data processing, regulating and protecting, we have a new feature named GDPR. Yes, you must have heard of it. General Data Protection Regulation limits the free boundaries to expose personal data on varied channels. This law contains a set of regulations that each business owner needs to abide by for collecting and processing data. How to Make Your App Successful: What Makes a Good App?

Definition of GDPR! How It Is Defined For Mobile App?

General Data Protection Regulation has been enforced by EU. It is to regulate how businesses, government and other entities process personal information around the region for forming the standard requirements and protect European Union citizens. This comes with the highest level of transparency and informed consent on how data will be used.

From mobile app owners, it demands complete transparency regarding how they gather, process and share data of the users via the app. This may need them to alter UX & UI documents, so that users will remain informed regarding the fact that how their data is gathered, stored and processed.

Things to remember

The time is running fast, so take the mandatory actions to attain GDPR compliance for your mobile application. Before you hire a GDPR compliance service provider, you can ask yourself some essential questions. Here are they:

  1. Has your data been mapped out?

It revolves around two aspects whether you are only collecting required data or you are aware of the fact where the data was stored at the time of data breach.

  1. How transparent are your terms and conditions?

GDPR requires you clarifying through your terms and conditions that how and why you will gather the data. Vast categorization or unclear language that make it tough for the users to give knowledgeable consent come under the violation.

  1. What about justifying the users’ data that you collect?

This will bring massive change in the way you handle your business. If you are clean regarding collection and usage of data from customers, then you can enhance the mobile app experience.

  1. How frequently do you ensure security measures?

If your app was out of safety risks several years ago, it does not mean it is same today as well. So, follow this practice on regular basis.

GDPR Checklist For Mobile App Development

Data removal – General Data Protection Regulation act provides right to the users that they can request removal of their data permanently anytime. It makes it obligatory for owners to respond immediately from the time of their awareness. And, the use of data stops for any motive, outside the agreed terms.

Data breaches notification – With GDPR compliance, European Union aims to keep a check on the mobile app development firms to raise the standard of security over the board. As per the fresh rules, app developers require notifying the users and concerned authority within 72 hours of its violation.

Privacy by design

Established companies are already practicing the concept of privacy by design. However, it will become a legal term under GDPR checklist. It means to say that during, before and after the development process, application developers should follow checks that restrict unwanted flow of the users’ data. This allows them to use data that is required specifically to complete the application.

Consent For Data Movement

General Data Protection Regulation has come with a strict checklist that application owners will not be able to gather, use or move their personal information without getting the explicit consent from the users. 

A few highlights of GDPR impact on mobile app development:

  • Data encryption must be ensured for the information floating between the server and the app.
  • Explicit consent is needed before the collection of any personal information.
  • Data breach should be reported to the concerned authority within 72 hours.
  • Businesses with the capacity of more than 250 employees are obliged to hire a Data Protection Officer.


With right information and appropriate guidance, it will become easy for mobile app owners to attain GDPR compliance. They only need to follow the set norms and it turns out to be easy to build an app with clear requirements. Mobile app developers must not ignore any GDPR guideline to attain success for their application. Ignoring a single point may cost their business a fortune. So, embrace GDPR to go right at the same time taking care of users’ rights.

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