How to Make Your App Successful: What Makes a Good App?

How to Make Your App Successful: What Makes a Good App?

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How to Make Your App Successful

No matter what you are looking for and what your needs are, by now there’s a mobile app for everything. In fact, according to a study conducted in the recent past, users spend 90% of their time on mobile applications than websites.

Over the years, mobile app development has come a long way in terms of advanced technology and brilliant user experience.

However, there has been a considerable increase in the competition level with different applications available in the market. In fact, there has been a substantial rise in the number of mobile users over the years.

This is why many businesses nowadays are striving hard in strategizing around the mobile experience to exceed the expectations of their customers. In this post, we will share a few of the most important features that contribute to making a good application.

Deliver an excellent value

There’s one thing that every app developing Company must bear in its mind and this is the fact that users nowadays need such apps that can bring about a massive level of productivity. Users need both speed and convenience.

Also, most of the users have limited storage on their phones which is why developers have to be very particular about the quality of the app if at all one wants one’s app to be extensively used by the users. Most importantly, the app should be able to deliver an excellent value to the target users.

Distributed Feature Flags

In today’s fast-changing and constantly progressing world, it is absolutely important to respond to your users’ needs in no time. One of the best ways to do this is by building mobile applications with distributed feature flags. This is a highly effective technique to offer new functionalities to the users rapidly and in the safest way.

Using this technique, the team can conveniently differentiate the deploy-able features from the features that are still in testing. This technique offers a brilliant level of control to the development team wherein they would get access to a remote kill switch and also, they can multivariate tests, and mitigate the scalability concerns.

Offer Relevant Notifications

Retention is a key factor for the success of an app and this can be achieved by offering a fast and easy reading experience. Understanding the behavior of the most engaged users, be it registering, customizing or sharing helps the developers in making the application even better and in addition to that offering relevant notifications to the users can largely help in customer retention.

Keep a Close Track on the Exceptions and the Errors

It is absolutely important on the part of a developer to constantly check on how one’s application is performing. Most importantly, this has to be done from the point of view of both the developer and the user. As the developer comprehends the way users usually use the app and also, the ways the various users react to the different issues, this will provide one with useful insights as well as open up many new doors to improving the application, be it fixing the errors or adding new features.

Testing the Application on Real Users

You really can’t be sure about the smooth functioning of the various features of your app until and unless you test it on real users. Do you know you can actually test the different features of your application on various users with an early access in the Google Play Store?

Also, you can test your application on a larger group of users in the later phase. The feedback you receive from them can largely help you identify many issues including bugs and fix them in time to get your app pretty close to perfection.   Finally, launch your app in the Google Play Store and you can certainly expect a 5-star rating.

A Focused Marketing

No matter how powerful your app is, it will fail to catch the attention of the users until and unless you put a lot of emphasis on the marketing aspect. Sending Newsletters, social media posting, and using magic words like ‘free’ can obviously largely help your application in quickly catch the attention of more and more users.

Also, there is a technique called viral mechanism which has got pretty popular over the years wherein a user gets to enjoy better additional features by inviting more users. Also, it’s quite important to be smart with the analytics.


The success of an application is undoubtedly in creating a great product and we are pretty much aware as to how much effort and thoughts it takes to create not just an average but a great app. However, creating a great app is not the only thing that can make your app successful.

In fact, a lot depends on how you promote your app and go about the various other important aspects to ensure that everything is just at its right place. Hopefully, the points we shared in this post can help you to a massive extent in helping your app get successful.

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