How to Start Writing A Blog? 10 Tips to Get Started!

How to Start Writing A Blog? 10 Tips to Get Started!

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How to Start Writing A Blog

Since you are reading this post, you are probably interested in creating content on the Internet. And rightly so.

There are many reasons and advantages of running a blog. It all depends on the specific situation and the goals of the content creator.

However, creating entries is not an easy art and requires dedication and dedication. You need to be well prepared and have good facilities. So how do you start writing a blog?

First of all, you need to have a head full of ideas, be focused on achieving the goal and be determined and tireless in actions. Also, you need to know some additional issues that I mention in the article below. So check how to start writing a blog and take the right direction at the very beginning of this complicated and sometimes winding road. How do you start writing a blog? Here’s how to start successfully! Additionally, I recommend this site to know how to write a blog effectively.

How to Start Writing A Blog

  1. Select a blogging platform.

To be able to start writing on a blog, you must first of all … have. So choose a blogging platform.

Probably many friends will recommend your services such as Blogger. I won’t do it. I will not mention the disadvantages of this solution now, because this is not what this text is about. I just want to write to you that by choosing this type of service you will simply be very limited. Whether in terms of the appearance of the site, its future expansion or the possibilities.

It is better to buy your domain and hosting that will make you primarily independent and free. With such a set of tools, you can install a blog based, for example, on the most popular WordPress blogging system. You can choose from hundreds of thousands of ready-made themes that will give a good style to your blog and you will be able to install additional functionalities thanks to numerous plugins. We also recommend this way to be able to fully enjoy creating content. 

  1. Install the most needed plugins.

When choosing WordPress, we have the option of installing paid or free plugins that extend the functionality of the blog. However, you must also keep in mind that each such plug additionally loads the page. Some less, others more.

So keep this in mind and start installing only the necessary plugins. Take a look at our other entry about the best plugins that you should install on the site.

  1. Learn the mechanics of how the search engine works.

You probably wonder why I am discussing this issue. However, it’s important if you want to create search engine friendly content and maximize your chances of ranking.

This is an important point because by using a few tips, we can simply increase the chances of generating traffic directly from an internet search engine. This will translate to the benefit of the number of visits to your blog, i.e. we will reach a wider audience.

Visit the entry on SEO optimization to find out which rules and principles should be followed to make the article more attractive in the “eyes” of the search engine.

  1. Bet on social media.

If you are still wondering how to start writing a blog, then make friends with social media. This is a valuable source of visits, a great place to publish entries and to get more blog users. In the beginning, you can try your strength on Facebook, which is the most universal medium, and on Instagram, which is typically focused on photos. So it works in such topics as cooking and fashion.

  1. Publish entries periodically.

Another rule to follow to start blogging is regularity. Learn it from the very beginning and stick to it consistently. This will keep the writing rhythm and make the content come to your blood. This will directly translate into quality and even greater lightness of writing.

In turn, the rather loose attitude of “writing when I want” rather translates into the fact that you will not want more often. This is the case in most cases.

It’s best to determine the number of entries and their regularity in advance and stick to this rule at all times. Make it even easier to work with an online calendar, e.g. from Google.

  1. Create the correct content.

It’s good to remember that the content created is primarily for readers. They must be not only substantive but also aesthetic. Not every user reads entries from cover to cover. A significant part of them scans their eyes for the most important elements. So make it easy for readers and create visually appealing content:

  • use short paragraphs
  • use valid headers
  • highlight the text in bold or italics
  • Break the content with bullets
  • don’t forget about the pictures
  1. Build a mailing list.

Acquiring subscribers is another important thing because email marketing is still a very effective and quite cheap advertising medium. It allows you to quickly reach a large number of users and inform them e.g. about new content. That’s why it’s good to start collecting emails from the very beginning. The sooner you start, the more substantial the base will be.

A good way to acquire subscribers is the so-called lure or something, will effectively encourage recipients to leave their email address. For a blog, a well-developed PDF on a useful topic is a good idea.

  1. Connect your blog to Google services.

What else should you keep in mind to know how to start writing a blog? A necessary step is to connect the blog to the Google Analytics service, which collects and collects data on user visits. It is necessary to know how many recipients read us, what sources are visits from and what content is most read. Of course, this is only a handful of data we can get.

The second important issue is the Google Search Console, which allows you to briefly inform Google about our blog and its content. At a later stage, you will also be able to check, among others on what keywords your blog appears in Google search engine.

  1. Read and observe the competition.

You will probably find this point peculiar. After all, you would like to learn how to start writing a blog, and in the meantime, I suggest reading competing articles. Seems strange?

Well no. Reading other content also means developing, expanding knowledge and vocabulary. Checking how others create content, which makes them stand out or why they are read readily, is a good dose of knowledge for you. Not to imitate competition, but to overcome it. You need to be better and know your competitors’ moves to attract your audience.

  1. Promote your content.

Starting blogging is not just about writing. Its promotion plays a key role. The best bloggers even say that you have to spend as much time on creating content as on promoting it. This is indeed the right approach. Especially in the early stages of blogging, where your blog has not yet gained “SEO power” and is not well known to recipients. So you need to build the audience meticulously and reach new customers.

Of the freeways to be noticed on the internet, I can mention commenting on other blogs, guest posts or getting backlinks.

A paid solution is primarily Facebook advertising, which is characterized by fairly low costs per recipient’s reach. Another plus is the multitude of targeting options. We have the freedom to choose a very detailed target group. So we have great confidence that the ad is targeted to the right recipients, not random ones. I hope you now know how to start writing a blog.

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