Impact of Google Snack Pack on Your Local Business and Online Traffic

Impact of Google Snack Pack on Your Local Business and Online Traffic

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Impact of Google Snack Pack on Your Local Business

Google is known for its updates! You must have heard of Google Snack Pack, which is also termed as Google 3 Pack or Local 3 Pack. Simply put, this is a small box space found on page one results. It appears when an online user makes a Google online search. The box showcases three best local business listings that hold significance to the search inquiry. The frequency of web traffic and clicks generated within the Snack Pack space is usually much high than the sites which are not listed in it.

Also, recently Google was testing its “paid spot” in the 3-pack spot! Google with its 3-pack local organic listings might start to showcase ads for selected searches. It narrows down the organic listing number to almost two. However, you will find that people are continually debating if Google has made the correct move with this new development.

Reasons to know about the Google Snack Pack

The Google Snack Pack gets displayed in the number one spot maximum times whenever there’s a local search. Also, about 46% of Google searches are usually of this nature. It means that businesses that get optimized for the local searches in Google stand a higher chance of getting an increased rank in the search outcome pages, every time. It is one of the best benefits of a small business.

Are you wondering what does this indicate? Most small businesses want to appear in local searches as much as possible! By appearing in the local pack this is possible. And if you rank in Google’s Holy Trinity, chances are your business will experience exponential advantages. There are several benefits of the Local Pack that you can expect offline and online. Initially, it will result in increased website traffic and enhanced SEO results. According to the Digital Coast Marketing, it is typical for the small business firms that are listed on a couple of local listings, having average web traffic to outshine even the big chains that are located in the same region. Your local presence can have that strong an impact! The reasons are Google wants to provide the online users a favorable experience by focusing on the local outcome. It also makes use of the websites as a tool to decide that. SEO in 2019 – 7 Things Which Can’t be Missed

Based on these online advantages, your business will experience increased foot traffic. You will come across new customers and also enjoy more revenues. The majority of people don’t search anything more than Google’s first page when they are making an online search. Also, in the local pack the 3-pack focuses on the first page. The majority of these local mobile searches lead to offline buys. It means that each local search inquiry in your region might get you more revenue and consumers.

Ways in which your business can rank in the local pack

Google’s algorithms consider several aspects showcasing the Local Pack. The algorithms can be very complicated.  Two critical factors according to experts are business data and online reviews.

  1. Business Data

Google is always willing to offer rich data and experience to online users. As an outcome, they also want to ensure that a business that they showcase in the search outcome, successfully answers the users online query. The essential factors such as keywords, category, and proximity will assist them to get this done. Google extracts data from Google My Business listings as well. Hence, if you still don’t have a Google My Business listing for your start-up business, it’s essential that you must. If not you will be missing the rewards and advantages that come with it. Hence, it is necessary that you have a 100% complete listings profile. You can explore  more about it at Google map strategy 

  1. The online reviews

Online reviews have massive importance for businesses today! It generates several advantages. However, the one that most are yet to know is the one in relation to the Local Pack. The online reviews are an essential aspect of the Local Pack. It can either break or make your scopes to reach the most desired spots in online ranks. Google considers review velocity, diversity, quantity and many more. Notably, Google reviews today have a real-time impact on the online search ranks. The business listing which has the majority of reviews is a clear winner.

There were some interesting research on Google reviews and its impact on search engine visibility. According to Conversion Science, it was found that:

  • The local listing that appears in the first three pack contains about 472% of increased reviews as compared to the listings in second three-pack
  • The best three local listings come with increased reviews than the remaining three outcomes, almost twice as much. Google’s local three-pack about 63% of the times consists of listings of the majority of reviews.

When there are more reviews, it works well with Google’s algorithm. It also positively impacts the online searchers, by allowing them to come to a well-informed decision. You need to know that customers who conduct local searchers are all set to respond fast. It is what that makes Google’s local pack a huge accomplishment. The business owners are also competing for two more Local Pack business that might be equal in terms of service or product. Are you thinking about how the customer will arrive at a decision here? It’s the reviews that help to arrive at a conclusion. If your business has garnered favorable reviews, it is likely that you will outshine your competitors and attract more customers.

It could be that till date you might not be aware of the Google Snack Pack. However, you have certainly been exposed to this as a customer. Hence, you have the chance to execute a Google Local Pack strategy that will enable you to reap in the advantage as a start-up business owner. Accompanied by the online reviews and business listings, you have access to potent tools that you have access to, for making the Local Pack work to your advantage in your business. Google is all about transforming your small business into an established one based on its algorithmic changes.

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