Top 6 Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development

Top 6 Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development

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Top Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development

The Rise of IoT And Its Top 6 Impacts On Mobile App Development

Internet Of Things (IoT) often called “ a system of systems” has produced a radical shift in the way how we communicate with each other to how we access information and everything.  The revolution of miniaturization started with the computers which were of a size that of a room to palm-sized mobile phones.

The concept has been bubbling in the industry for a long time and it’s only now that it is getting much evident traction. The adoption undoubtedly contributes to more productive, efficient and valuable business.

IoT adoption has been highly anticipated and is expected to change the environment we live in. Coined back in 1999, IoT is redefining the term “connectivity” to a new level.  The devices that have embedded technology in them are able to communicate and interact with one another because of IoT.

The technology is much embraced by the developers that it looks like there will be 36 billion installed IoT devices across the globe by the year 2021.

Since every developer wants to stay ahead of the competition by Implementing IoT, let’s find out which IoT affected mobile app development.

Less Human Efforts:

We now have applications (read: Remote) to perform even the minutest task of switching on the ACs. We have become so reliant over applications that it has reduced the human efforts to a great level.  A lot of tasks are being taken care of, that now developers have to put in fewer efforts for architecting an application.

Focus more on functionality:

All these years developers focused on what the app function is but now they are able to address what specific device the app is trying to integrate with.

Security is everything:

Developers cannot forget the hassle faced during the Mirai malware attack. Now, with the integration taking place between the devices, criminals will have more endpoints to target. There is a need to focus more on building the security of the applications.

Developers now have the space to take up extra training to update their cyber security skills. The sensitive information shared of the users needs to be in the safe and secured applications.

Defining niche IoT app development:

This unified IoT platform will require niche developers. Technology needs unique and new specialized developers. One developer for every task is no more going to work, but the requirement of having one specialized IoT developer is going to increase.

The advantage of Third-party application:

IoT platform apps already have embedded technology for communication and building an app on this platform reduces the overall development time. And if you lag back in supporting the connectivity, you would probably go out of the market place.

IoT brings an opportunity for the developers to improvise on app development and learn how to connect third-party platforms using a huge range of APIs and IoT Solutions.

Personalize User experience:

We now have digital assistants for every task.  Such dedicated assistants collect multiple information derived by the user’s behavior and pattern and give custom responses.

By utilizing IoT functionalities, developers now can create an app that leverages real-time data and services giving users a more personalized experience.

Which Industries best benefit from IoT app development?

This multifarious technology industry has different apps in varied categories. Such apps have streamlined many processes in the business and made humans more effective and efficient.

An app lets you shop online, monitor health activities, operate a fan or a television and what not.

IoT is now applicable in all the categories but the industries that have benefited the most are:

  1. Healthcare;
  2. Energy;
  3. Retail.


IoT has the potential to make a massive impact on healthcare. It has resulted in some exciting advancements in this new age.

The unparalleled benefits IoT application in Healthcare are simultaneous reporting and monitoring, end-to-end connectivity and affordability, data assortment and analysis, tracking alerts and more.

In case of emergencies or for the remote locations where doctors are not easily available, it is now possible to offer remote medical assistance. IoT thus simplified many challenges and made it easier to keep the track of health records.

The on pocket and the right diagnosis will lessen the need for hospitalization. We can say, IoT app development will be at your rescue.


IoT encounters the energy sector precisely. From sensors in the room to monitor the temperature to remotes controlling the ACs, IoT has been able to control the energy use in the house/building.  It is helping the energy sector in decreasing the costs and creating more prolific buildings.

Sensors cut the energy dramatically by monitoring the lighting and the temperature, fire sensors alert people and improves upon safety. Thus applications based on IoT helps you improve upon energy consumption and thereby reduce the electricity bills.


IoT solutions in Retail industry help in improving a number of applications from store operations, reducing thefts, increasing purchase, precise inventory management, and an exceptional customer’s shopping experience.

IoT provides a glut of opportunities in the Retail sectors like Logistics and Transportation. The technology enables tracking of the shipment to the delivery.  The benefits that can be briefly described are Automated checkout, Personalized discounts, Beacons, Smart shelves, In-store layout optimization, etc.

Tracking information regarding the shipment is pretty much advantage to the customers but with this, even enterprises have the benefit.  The enterprises are now free from the fear of the shipment being misused or destroyed.

They now can lock the access to the storeroom for an unauthorized person. The data can also be secured and saved reducing the safety risks.

The store owners now have the facility to understand the customers’ behavior and provide improved service accordingly.

The Right Time of Proliferation:

IoT happened at the right time and it is obvious that it will bring the biggest revolution. With continuous IoT progress, mobile app development will also continue to evolve.

Mobile app development together with IoT will enable mobile app developers to create a better and crisp app. IoT along with .Net development services will be able to give users a significant customized experience for any kind of business.


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