Is it the time to improvise your marketing strategy?

Is it the time to improvise your marketing strategy?

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improvise your marketing strategy

Improvise your marketing strategy

You might believe you have a slick product, but without an effective marketing strategy you may fall short in making sales. Every product needs a well thought out marketing plan that can reach your desired target market and give the correct message to customers. Snagging your audience’s attention with a clever marketing campaign can go a long way. Here are some tips to consider when changing your marketing platform or scrapping it all together.

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Observe the Data

The thing you want to do first is find out where your marketing strategy is having problems. Next, try implementing an analytical tool to help you see what areas of your campaign are lacking. There are many analytical applications available on the internet, some free or have a small fee. Whichever the case maybe, these resources can become a value tool in pinpointing traffic and were things are dropping off. Try surveys to engage with customers and learn how they are getting to your company. This information will allow you to get an edge on consumer tastes for your products.


Once you tweak your campaign a bit, simply repeat the steps and keep doing it, especially if it’s working. Be aware, you will still have to be on your toes to fix any parts that deem to be ineffective and need immediate revisions. If your utilizing social media, and one platform is slow on traffic, consider a different approach or try an alternative method. You may find yourself going above and beyond to re-gain your presence with customers. This could include more engagement, reaching out directly, making sure you are capturing emails for possible follow up and posting more to your subscribers. This all depends on your industry, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment. If you find the campaign isn’t really going any where, no matter what changes you make, then consider ending it.

Top Customers

It’s been noted by the Pareto’s principle that goes by what is called the 80/20 rule. When applying this to business, you should strive for 80 percent of customers to bring in at least 20 percent of your sales and the last 20 percent needs to bring in 80 percent of your sales. The goal is to focus on the largest 20 percent that should bring about more volume in sales. Further, instead of wasting precious time in trying to make every customer happy, consider targeting loyal customers building strong relationships with them. Since you have their attention, begin giving them frequent updates on products or services and send out a newsletter. It doesn’t hurt to go a step further by sending direct mail pieces to their emails telling them how much you appreciate their business. You don’t have to ignore the other 80 percent, but you can keep customers happy by giving them extra attention. Let them know you are listening as well.

New Possibilities

It’s not common to see many business owners still using outdated marketing techniques. These have ultimately hurt marketing to customers and proven to fail. We are in the age of digital technology, so the old methods have to go. It’s smart to be alert to new technologies being developed which can give you more options and exposure to great ideas preventing a stale marketing plan. For instance, Ford while launching a new SUV, showcases the latest automobile technology and portrays those in an interactive content product page.  There are various sites that can give advice and keep you in the loop of new styles of marketing.

Consistent and Persistent

Work hard to formulate effective techniques you can use over and over. Keep going even though you don’t get the immediate response you expect. Give yourself time to get realistic results you can count on and learn from. With social media, all posts need to be consistent and follow a schedule. You may find specific days garner more traffic than others. The quality should also be top tier in all posts and have an engaging message. Don’t forget to create a long list of customer emails for all subscribers to send newsletters. This way you stay on a customer’s radar and they don’t forget your brand.

Display your USP

This is called your Unique Selling Position. Overall, this is what distinguishes your product from the rest. The thought process is that no one else has a product like yours, so it ultimately stands out. You must be able to identify your USPs or you could lose out on getting new customers that might run to your competitors. You need to depict those USPs on your website to attract customer like Youi has done by displaying “reasons to buy”. When you have a very strong communicated USP, customers will immediately identify with it and know your brand.

Consider some of these steps to help with creating an effective USP

– Create a list of all of your target audience

– Know what needs your product or service meets to your customers

– Try all of these qualities up against upcoming trends or against competitors

– Test each USP on competitors and analyze the results.

– Remove those that competitors are meeting.

– Find the gap in the market

– Compare your USPs to what your business is excellent at and how you want to be perceived.

It’s nice to think that whatever marketing plan you put it in place, it will have no problems and won’t need changes. This just isn’t the case. You have to make mistakes to find out where you went wrong and what isn’t working. That comes with the territory. Be patient and wait for your results, it won’t happen in one day or overnight. However, honing in on what isn’t working, adjusting or completely changing your marketing strategies will help you at the end of the day. Once you have something in place that works, always abide the rule of rinse and repeat. Understanding your USPs is very effective and helpful. Once you have a good idea of what exactly is your selling position, your sales volume will increase. Having a spot-on message that matches with your product or service is bound to give good lasting results and carry your business a long way.

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