Time to Optimize the PPC Performance Using Simple Tricks Up Your Sleeves

Time to Optimize the PPC Performance Using Simple Tricks Up Your Sleeves

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Optimize the PPC Performance Using Simple Tricks

For sustaining and improving the performance of the paid search advertising campaigns and reaching the organizational goals, PPC optimization forms a crucial part for you to consider. At some point, this entire procedure can start to be a bit overwhelming than what you have thought of it beforehand.  There are multiple components of the current PPC accounts that will help in moving the needle at your desired direction. The post is here to provide some major ideas in order to optimize the present Pay Per Click performance, but that is not going to be an all-encompassing list to say the least. So, for sparking on some new ideas, there are certain points that you might care to address right now.

Head with the keywords:

It is true to state that keywords help in driving the ads on the present search network. If the selected keywords are not efficient enough, it might lead to loads of wasted add money.

  • There is no other way but to double check just to ensure that the keywords have tighter connection. You have to limit the keywords to around 15 to 20 people on every add group.
  • It helps in enabling you to just create some of the customized forms of ads, with keyword in the selected ad copy, which might receive that higher CTR, quality score and ad rank, and decreasing the CPC to a next level.

Searching out the negative keywords and terms:

Mainly because of the broad matching and even some of the closer variant matching KWs to actual query, there are some unusual searches to trigger the ads. It is one very important point for you to consider when you are planning to optimize in any of the PPC account.

  • It is really important for you to find the search terms from the present keyword tab in any of the ad group or given campaign.
  • Make sure to review the search terms based triggering as, for the current keyword and match type. You can aim to check for the specified keywords, with the overarching themes.
  • You are even asked to check out for the themes surrounding the accessories or parts, products or services, and job hunting that you usually don’t offer and the names of the competitors that you do not want to just show up for.
  • It is really important for you to use the new negative list of the keywords, for taking the PPC optimization to a whole new level. For that, you have to create a shared list for applying to some of the similar campaigns as proactive measure.
  • If you want, you can always update the list moving forward and all the campaigns which are sharing list will get updated automatically.

Ads on the mobile games or apps:

Ads on the current GDN serving on the mobile games and apps can be stated as perpetual budget waster. So, it needs to get revised from the starting joint. Ads will pop up at a frequent rate on mobile games and apps. However, this traffic will not convert, except for the advertisers of the B2C platform.

  • There are multiple instances, when the player dealing with a game is not likely to stop the game for clicking on the ad and convert via the mobile browser.
  • There are multiple instances where the ads might get clicked accidentally, depending on the placement in proper relationship for game play navigation purposes.
  • There is an easy solution to it. You just have to exclude the placement if that is creating a huge problem in this regard.

Displaying the Network Negative Keywords:

There are several experts, who actually believe that you should not be using negative keywords for any advertising on GDN. Negative KWs will actually tell AdWords that you do not have to show the ads of the company on any pages, comprising of any of these words. It can easily limit the reach as most of the relevant pages have these words within.

  • But, there is a great case for you to use the negatives on GDN and it is because f the negative topics, PR or even social commentary.
  • Even though there are some racy topics, which you can easily exclude from serving, it might not get to cover all the specified ones.
  • In the unpredictable environment, revolving around politically, it is vital for you to review the topics that you don’t want the firm to be a part of for avoiding risks of the ads, as served on some of the controversial content topics.

Aiming for the ads per Ad Group:

There are so many thoughts on the advertisement numbers that you should select for an ad group. So, before you aim for the PPC optimization, make sure to check out the options now.

  • You can try using two ads. You can add 1 control ad and 1 test ad for developing any ad testing strategy.
  • Then you can use around 2 to 3 ads, and let the Google optimize the best ever performer. You get the chance to remove or even replace the poorer performer and then repeat the procedure.
  • Sometimes, you can aim for Google and then get to create around 3 to 4 ads for every possible ad group. You can try using different messages for everyone to see on the ad which works the best. AdWords are known to rotate the ad in an automatic manner for showcasing the best performing ones at an often rate.

Based on your current goals for your business, you can choose the ad numbers for per group. If you want, you can try using the testing tool from a third party with detailed insights for recommending the best performers. You can even try to judge the winners manually using KPIs. The choice remains with you.

Going through the points well:

It is mandatory for you to go through the points well if you want the PPC optimization to work in the best manner possible. Just go through the available options and try to follow the same as much as possible.

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