Role of a Responsive Design in Boosting Mobile Conversions

Role of a Responsive Design in Boosting Mobile Conversions

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Role of a Responsive Design in Boosting Mobile Conversions

Most of the people have the tendency to pay attention for only a few seconds. If you are not able to catch their attention in such time duration, you may lose your customers. To be in the competition, you need to be a pro.

Creating a website having responsive design is the most important platform to boost the mobile conversations. Apart from the content available on the website, you should check the way it appears on the user’s screen. Visuals and designs are the most important things to maintain a presence on search engines.

To enhance the revenue and sales, the number of visitors should be solid. Converting visitors into potential customers matters the most. Having a responsive site means everything could be automatically adjusted depending on the size of the mobile device. Different organizations are currently focusing on increasing the mobile conversions rate.

Here you can check the benefits of having a responsive design-

Sustains position in the online marketSustains position in the online market

Accessing a website is not just limited to desktops, people have started using mobile devices more. Those who don’t do such practice, they lose their presence in the online market. To compete, you should have a responsive site that can fit in different screen sizes.

The conversion rate will get a boostThe conversion rate will get a boost

Google has already made it clear that if your site doesn’t sync easily on user’s mobile device, half of the traffic can move to other sites. In case, a user can easily access your site, more traffic can be drawn easily. Users will start trusting your site, it leads to an increase in overall revenue.

Traffic rate on a mobile device would be enhancedTraffic rate on a mobile device would be enhanced

It has been found that most of the traffic comes from the mobile. The results say that companies need to take care of generating traffic from the mobile device. You can find the difference once you will create a mobile-friendly site, the complete scenario can change after that.

Hassles can be decreasedHassles can be decreased

When you would have a separate website to handle on the desktop or on mobile, your developer will have to spend additional time for the maintenance. A responsive site can decrease hassle because it can run easily over the screen of different size, additional effort is not required.

Content duplication can be easily avoided

Those who are using the two versions of the same site, issue associated to content duplication may arise. Search engine still finds it difficult to differentiate and shows duplication error. Using the mobile version can decrease duplication, a unique URL can solve it completely.

The website doesn’t take long to load

Most of the users would not show interest to visit your site if it takes longer to open. Fast loading sites affect the overall revenue. If you are getting 50% traffic currently on your site, it can increase up to 90% when you will use the responsive design sites. Fast loading sites favor the search results.

Analytics can be easy to understand

Every time, you need to keep a track of single activity. You keep the record of multiple Sign Up, Thank you pages and conversion rates. When you use mobile responsive sites, you will not have to go through multiple reports information. Mobile responsive sites use a single set of data, it is easy to know the devices and browsers from which the site has been reached.

Sharing on social media can be higherSharing on social media can be higher

Responsive design is mainly used for the social sharing. It will not have a direct influence on the ranking of your site but it can be successful in drawing the attention of users towards your site. There are multiple benefits to use a site with responsive design, you can pair the available content with social media buttons.

By using social media, the relationship with existing customers can be stronger. Even, new customers would like to visit your site and the credibility will be increased.

Migration to a different site can be reduced

Being a site with responsive design, it decreases the rate of migration to a greater extent. Visitors who were initially navigating from your site to other can be easily retained. Distraction can be avoided and your site will be crisp and clean.

A responsive design can not only assist you by showing relevant content on your site but the appearance will be even user-friendly.


These were some of the benefits of having a responsive design based site. You can follow all these guidelines if you are planning to have a responsive design site to get a better traffic volume.

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