Social Media Marketing With Artificial Intelligence: Myth Or Fact?

Social Media Marketing With Artificial Intelligence: Myth Or Fact?

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Social Media Marketing With Artificial Intelligence: Myth Or Fact?

Social media platforms and social media marketing is not a new term, the recent statistics shows that we have more than 2.4 billion active social media users today, and our target audience is present all over there, spending their day in surfing, chatting and posting. This is the reason for the extensive need of social media marketing today.

Now Artificial intelligence comes into the frame; it has the ability to follow speech or visual directions, learn and apply new skills and create responses based on the interactions. Tech giants like Google and Baidu have spent $30B and $20B on AI research and development in 2016; these figures are rapidly increasing since then.

But why artificial intelligence has invaded in social media marketing? Why marketers love Artificial Intelligence? What is the benefit of artificial intelligence in social media?

The answer to all the above questions is: Artificial intelligence has the power to control the vast amount of unstructured social media data. With its ability to grasp the deeper meaning of actions it can provide accurate and smart results.

Let’s Check Ways How AI Has Impacted Social Media Marketing:

Automate Customer Service With AI And Machine Learning

With the introduction of AI; companies are now relieved to handle the complaint and feedbacks from their customers on the social media. The chatbots are making it lot easier for the consumers to get the help instantly.

It’s not only limited to the conversation, leading brands are using AI to prioritize the customer problems and filter the fake accounts.

Artificial Intelligence For Text-Mining:

The analysis of structured and unstructured data to discover the taste and preferences of the buyer is now possible with marketing automation and text mining function of artificial intelligence. This is highly effective in developing personalized marketing strategy and campaigns.

The combination of Machine Learning and AI will assist you in predicting the optimal timing of posting on different social media platform so that you can reach to a larger audience and you can get the most from your campaign.

Artificial Intelligence in Paid Marketing:

Pay-per-click advertising on Facebook and AdWords is not the only way; there are several other platforms available which can serve the best results. Artificial intelligence does that work for you; utilizing AI marketers can find better advertising platforms.

You can leverage AI tools to analyze, optimize and manage the paid ad campaigns by searching for the best channels for the ad delivery as per the preferred audience.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Content Curation:

Discovering, formulating and sharing of quality data to the target audience is the root of a successful social media campaign. Artificial intelligence does the same thing for the marketers and even more quickly, hence saving lots of efforts and time.

AI can collect the data related to the target audience like their choices, recent searches, latest reads, questions asked and this information is the base for creating content which the audience will read.

AI-Powered Conversion Rate Optimization

AI analyses the activity of each visitor on your website and as a result, it stores data points like device used, time spent on each section, visitor location etc. These analyzed factors are further used to deliver the most suitable content and offers to the targeted audience.

AI tools are the best assistant for the marketers to generate the performance report of the website.

Predictive analytics using artificial intelligence:

The best way to generate a successful marketing campaign is by predicting the customer behavior. What price the customer will pay, what are the chances the customer will repeat the purchase and many more.

Propensity model can be created and applied by leveraging this predictive analytic data.

Here Are Some Real-Life Based Examples To Help You Understand Better:


Have you ever noticed that; whenever you upload a picture on facebook it automatically tags your
friends who are in the image? This technology is facial recognition. Facebook’s facial recognition feature is powered by AI which has made the tagging game easier.

Facebook use this feature to leverage the preferences and history of the users to recommend offers,
places, and products.


Influencer marketing is the major service of the Insightpool platform. It searches around 600 million
people across several social media platforms and delivers the list of most suitable influencers who fit the goals, personality, and requirements of the brand.


By partnering with Bright (a job search company) linked has improved its features. Now Linkedin has put machine learning and AI together to provide the right recommendations to the companies and the job seekers.

A deep analysis of job descriptions, hiring patterns, job location and other related information result in more accurate job recommendations and employee suggestions.


The affiliation of AI in the marketing sectors is one of the major digital advancements in the social media marketing mediums. The right balance of marketing campaigns and AI tools can take your business to new great heights.

All you have to do is; think out of the box and implement the right strategy with the right weapons and you will win the competitive war in your niche.

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