Things to Consider Before Launching Your Mobile App in the Marketplace

Things to Consider Before Launching Your Mobile App in the Marketplace

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Launching Your Mobile App in the Marketplace

So the coding is done, finished with the testing as well, and now you are all set to launch the mobile app on the app stores. Appears simple, doesn’t it? But do you realize that the moments between coding completion and uploading the app are quite crucial to the success of your app. It is during this moment when most start-ups make critical mistakes. Prior to uploading your app to the app stores, you need to keep in mind some strategic procedures that we will be exploring ahead. How to Make Your App Successful: What Makes a Good App?

Have Marketing Plan

You can’t just simply throw up an app and then sit back while the signups roll in, After all, app marketing is crucial and it is vital that you plan before launching mobile app. First and foremost, you must have to have a website for your mobile app. Like the website must have a well-targeted landing page explaining the app and announcing any changes or updates. Then on, social media is yet another useful marketing channel.

Most of the app start out with an MVP, and then on updates are gradually rolled out while you collect user feedback. It is vital for your landing page to have the latest updates and development in order to keep the users informed. This will keep the users excited for the next update and keep them glued to the app.

Define your goals & target audience

Before launch your app out there, make sure that your product is unique, as there are millions of apps in the stores and it is a real task nowadays to beat your competitors, with everyone trying to present the best app in the market.

Also don’t try being greedy and set very realistic goals. As you define and schedule your objectives for app launch, you must find yourself targeting your audience, consider your product, what qualities does it have? What are the main functionalities? What kind of population will make better use of your mobile app?

Have a bug-fix plan

Even when the testing is entirely done, unforeseen bugs may occur and you will be keen on identifying and fixing them as early as possible, mainly when there is a new release. Usually what happens is that buggy apps lose out strength in the app stores as users rate these apps poorly and end up removing them from their mobile device.

Thus, you must have a developer or mobile app development agency to work on bug reports. Here, the best solution is keeping the original app developers on-board, as they best understanding of the code architecture and design. Also, they can fix errors way more quickly, after all it is them who have coded the mobile app.

Create a Video Teaser

It is definitely a must to create a video. Like, what would you prefer, to watch something or read it? Watch, right? So do use a video containing your app’s best features and ensure it is short and straightforward. You should grab the attention of your target users in the first 5 seconds itself and also include a call-to-action message.

Use Social Media Channels

It is time that you begin sharing your app’s features & functionalities across various social media channels. This way, you can keep people engaged while waiting for your launch date.

Basically, there is no need of using every single social media channel, rather focus on the ones that your target audience is using the most and post new & exciting content on a regular note.

Besides, you can create more buzz by sending out reminder emails that highlight your launch date – creating curiosity as much as you can.

Have a Content Marketing Strategy

It also works to invite people to join your community. Like you can try catching their attention through rich & appealing content. Try building up an interest towards your app and then sustain that interest with constant post in your blog regarding your upcoming mobile app.

Find what your target audience would want to see and where are they most likely to find it. Besides developing your own blog, also try getting in touch with few companies that are already having some traffic that falls without your target and exchange guest posts. Try highlighting your brand value & functionalities and insert links that will further drive users to your own content page.

App Store Optimization

This must always be in the list of your top priorities. App Store Optimization is helpful in increasing visibility in the stores, improves conversion rate and drives more organic installs. You must ensure that all your ASO elements (app store listing) are optimized prior to app launch and you must defeat your competitors even before you compete with them.

Study your competitors

It is advised to browse through app stores and look for similar apps – then check them out and find out what strength and flaws they have. This way you get a better picture of your product as well. Now you still have time to alter functionalities and features. By exploring the ratings and reviews on competitor’s app, you will discover what functionalities annoy people the most and then work to get rid of them.

This basically is not about copying other apps but improving where they lack. Study well your competitors and then take advantage of their flaws.

Re-evaluate to grow

No app can always stay static and be successful, despite of the industry or the driving purpose. You need to evolve as user behaviour evolves. This means redefining the direction of your mobile app roadmap, targeting new audience and expanding into other value paths. There are these small considerations and giant leaps living within this, and some of your re-evaluation moment might even be unexpected. So think creatively and critically to come out of these moments with solid plans and ideas to better grow your app.

Final Note: Building an app is a lot of work, but your work doesn’t just get over just because the coding is done. To make the app a success, you now need to shift your focus on marketing and catering to users’ feedback. After all, if you don’t focus on enhancing your app constantly, it may get lost with millions other apps in the market. So tighten up your belt and be ready for the big launch.

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