Top 10 Questions to ask before Designing an IOS Application

Top 10 Questions to ask before Designing an IOS Application

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Designing an IOS Application

Designing and developing a mobile application which works seamlessly and up to the expectations of the clients is not an easy task. It requires you to fully understand what the clients actually want. However, most of the clients are quite confused with a bunch of ideas in their mind. So here we have listed some questions you can ask your customers to better understand them.

App expectations

By asking the client to summarize the app of their dreams in one sentence you can have an idea of what your client is actually looking for. This can greatly help you plan the project.

Who are the users?

This is the first and the most important question to ask a client before starting the project. Getting to know the targeted users or customers by whom the application will be used can be really helpful and you can design the best-suited application and can add the most appropriate features according to their needs.

What’s the deadline?

So now you got the idea of the customer or users of the app now the next thing to do is ask the client about the deadline.

Designing and then developing an application, testing it and removing any errors and finally getting it approved by the App Store is not what could be done in one or two days. It is a time-consuming process which can take around three weeks or even more in some cases and hence you need to plan and prepare in advance. Ask the customer is the app is somehow related to an event or another big thing like a product launch or a campaign and work accordingly.

The budget

The next big question is the budget. Most of the clients usually have no idea of the budget. The clients want to get the most by paying as little as possible. However, this is not possible in most cases. So fixing a budget can save you from a lot of trouble.

It’s not just about the budget for building the app. You also need to define a budget for the research of app, its competitors and the features most valued by the users.

Then there is the cost of hosting, push notification services, discovery optimization etc once the application is live. Discussing all these things, in the beginning, is also absolutely necessary.

The competitors of the app

Does your client have an idea of the competitors of the app? Most likely you are going to get an answer that” There is absolutely no competition and we are the first to do this thing”. But this is not actually true. There may be no direct competition but people may be using this concept indirectly. Thus you need to do a deep research to find out whom you are going to compete with.

How will the user pay for the product and service?

The next question to be asked to the client should be about the in-app purchases. How the user will be able to pay for those services is it through credit or debit card or Internet banking or by other means like Apple pay etc. Depending on their answers you should plan and think about the payment security and the device compatibility of the app.

Where will the user find the app?

It is not that important if the application is B2E but for B2C and B2B the app must be found on the Apple Store. That’s the only way to draw the users to the application.

The app advertisements

What about the advertisement plans? Advertising is the only way to make the app popular before even before its official release that is crucial for its success. Ask your client about how the app is going to be advertised and is there any advertising platform ready.

Outside Dependencies

Another important thing to ask is if there are any outside dependencies which can affect the timescales or can delay the development process.

The backlog

A backlog is a powerful tool which can greatly help prioritize the essential and non-core functions of an application. Ask your client to build a backlog of all the non MVP feature that can make things much easier.

As an iOS App Development company, you need to fully understand your client’s requirements. Then only you can develop an application which works as efficiently as expected by them.

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