What Are Some Benefits of Web-Based Applications?

What Are Some Benefits of Web-Based Applications?

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What Are Some Benefits of Web-Based Applications

The benefits of web applications for business are far-reaching. These custom web applications are often much less burdensome than downloadable applications as they tend to be simpler and more cost-effective. With that being said, they do have several limitations that you should be aware of before creating an application.

Web-Based Applications Examples

Some common web-based applications include:

  • Email services
  • Online word-processors
  • Forms on websites
  • Shopping carts

Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Applications

Advantages of Web Applications

There are many advantages to web-based applications, which is why they are so popular and fit with many of our modern needs. By looking at these advantages, you can begin to determine if a web-based application is a suitable choice for you.

  1. No Download Needed: The fact that you don’t need to download a web-based application is one of the best advantages of web applications over desktop applications. Downloading applications often means clicking multiple links and waiting for the download of the application to complete. You often have to go through a third-party app store for downloaded apps, while web-based applications are directly on the website, which saves a lot of hassle.
  2. More Flexible with Various Platforms: When you choose a web-based application, applications can easily be designed for any web browser, and for downloadable applications, you have to be more mindful of the multiple operating systems that people may have.
  3. Fewer Updates: Web applications usually don’t need to be updated as often as downloadable ones. Downloadable content requires various versions for different operating systems, but web-based content is created to be the same for everyone who uses the applications.
  4. Tailor-Fit to Your Needs: When you want to change a web-based application to fit your needs, it’s much easier to do so than with a downloadable application.
  5. Cost-Effective: One of the most appealing aspects of web applications is that they are cost-effective, and they require much fewer resources than downloadable apps do. Because web apps don’t have to worry about different operating systems, it is also much easier to determine if they are functioning as they should, and you only need one application rather than multiple versions of this application.
  6. Runs Smoothly: Ease and convenience are inherent in web-based applications as opposed to native desktop programs, which can require more effort.

Disadvantages of Web Applications

Like anything, there are some disadvantages to web-based applications, and they are limited in several ways. In some cases, a web-based application may not be right for your needs.

  1. Internet is a Must: When you have a web-based app, you have to have an internet connection. While people are more connected than ever, there are still places where people may not have internet access or consistent internet service. Depending on the kind of application you are creating, this might not be a major factor, but it is still something to be aware of.
  2. Website Speed Bumps: Web apps, especially large ones, can cause speed issues on your website. Furthermore, the web app itself may run slow compared to a downloadable application.
  3. Your Web App is Only as Strong as Your Website: If you have weaknesses in your website design, those weaknesses may also impact your web app. Fortunately, if you have this problem, you can fix it by addressing some of your website issues.
  4. You Miss Out on Potential Markets: When apps are on app stores, people may find them more easily. Meanwhile, it may be a challenge to advertise and get people to use your web-based application.
  5. Security Issues: You may experience more security issues with a web app, but by using SSL enforcement and other efforts, you can limit this risk.
  6. Browser Differences: While web-based applications don’t have to worry about operating systems, some web-based applications may not be available or supported on all the internet browsers!

The Role of Web-Based Applications

Web-based applications have some limits, but they also have a lot of strengths. These applications tend to be highly user-friendly, and they require very little fuss for users to engage with them. They can also easily be used across devices, which is often a challenge for non-web-based applications. Before making your application, you should decide what your ultimate goals are. From there, you can determine if a custom web application is suitable for you.

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