What to expect from the finest SEO agency in your city?

What to expect from the finest SEO agency in your city?

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finest SEO agency in your city

Businesses in Seattle have it tough. There are always new shops opening and new eCommerce sites to complete with your own. Is the slow business tiring you out? Are the low quarterly sales-driving your sleep away? Well, instead of sitting and counting the new companies that have come up recently on your block, you need to focus on a new SEO strategy.

Unbeknownst to many, SEO is the heart and soul of online businesses. Moreover, it can help your target audience find your brick-and-mortar shop if you do it right. A strong SEO strategy can help any business with an online presence in a budget-friendly manner.

However, most business owners hardly have the time to invest in developing and monitoring an SEO strategy. Small businesses barely have the workforce for dedicated monitoring the key performance indicators (KPIs) of an activity. The KPI metrics determine how well your site is performing online.

Not to worry! You can always choose a Seattle-based SEO agency that can do the heavy lifting for you. Going with a local SEO agency has its perks, and the most significant of them is their understanding of the local market. As long as you are choosing a Kick Media SEO company that has been in practice for the last couple of years, you can sleep soundly at night.

What should your SEO agency provide in the first few days?

Once you find the right agency and sign the contract, you are bound to wonder what comes next. Does the website traffic increase overnight? Do you find your company atop the Google SERP within the next week? Do your products sell out faster than you can update the inventory?

To the dismay of many new business owners, SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. Therefore, establishing and working on an SEO strategy can take between two to four months, if not longer. So, if you are thinking about capturing the holiday crowds this year, you should begin working on your SEO strategy already!

The first meeting

It all begins with a simple face-to-face introductory meeting. The SEO company you appoint should set up a meeting with you or your brand’s marketing manager within a couple of days of signing the contract. It is a sign that they are taking their responsibilities seriously. The meeting should help you lay down your SEO and marketing goals, decide on a workable budget, and detail your expectations from the company.

If you have never worked with an SEO company before, you should let them know that clearly. State what you don’t understand about the plans. Clarify all doubts about the billing cycle and time allotment. Set up direct communication channels between your office and their team. Ask for a designated SEO expert, who can oversee your account, so there is no confusion during communication.

The first audit

The foundation of every healthy SEO plan depends on the first audit of the client’s website. The in-depth audit should reveal the existing strengths and weaknesses of your site. Typically, businesses that have been running online for a while have an existing Google Analytics account. Share the details of the account with your SEO team. Let them monitor the KPIs and assess the performance history of your site.

Team members of the SEO agency will either schedule a meeting or call you to discuss the caveats of your site. At the same time, they will also provide actionable data and potential solutions for the optimization issues your site might be facing. Do not shy away from asking questions no matter how “silly” they seem. The SEO experts are there to clarify your doubts and help your team adhere to the best practices of SEO.

Depending on the terms of your contract you can receive a detailed report on your SEO performance, a step-by-step guide for improving site SEO, and a time-bound plan for the implementation of these changes by the SEO team. The first audit is the most critical step towards the improvement of site health. Always speak with your Seattle-based SEO team while drafting the contract regarding the nature of the report or their share of responsibilities following the audit.

Two-way communication

Any good SEO company in Seattle should offer their clients two-way communication channels. Whether you communicate with each other via emails, SMS, or phone calls will depend upon whichever mode of communication is convenient.

Your SEO agency should always keep you or your marketing manager in the loop while reinforcing changes on the site. If any design or functionality changes are necessary, the team should first run it by you. In the event of doubt, they should resort to A/B tests before reinstating new feature or functionalities on the site.

Your account manager, being your point of contact, should be able to inform you when some features of the website don’t work. Or, if a particular change does not yield expected results. Your SEO company must report both positive and negative outcomes of the changes they are making. Most importantly, they should be able to communicate their long-term plans while implementing minor to significant changes daily.

Why does your brand need the boost from SEO?

The biggest signifier of a good SEO company in Seattle is their willingness to speak clearly about any issues or progress. A reputable agency will always keep its available communication channels open to their clients. They will also be on top of any new SEO requirements in line with algorithm updates.

It is understandable that entrepreneurs rarely have the time to sit down and learn about the nitty-gritties of SEO in digital marketing and eCommerce. That is the very reason they need experienced and trained SEO professionals who can offer them expert guidance wherever necessary. Whether you have a small indie business or a large retail store, your brand deserves the extra boost that search engine optimization can provide. It is the long-term investment every entrepreneur should consider right now.

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