Why Fresh Website Content Matters for Online Law Firm Marketing

Why Fresh Website Content Matters for Online Law Firm Marketing

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Why Fresh Website Content Matters for Online Law Firm Marketing

Adding and updating content on your law firm’s website drives online marketing in ways that no other effort can. When you use the web to market, you must offer content that potential clients and professional colleagues want to view, engage with, and act upon. In many ways, your content is what you are selling in order to convince people to pick up the phone or send an email, thereby starting the process of hiring one of your attorneys.

You are, of course, giving away your content for free, but you must never take that as an excuse to neglect the content’s quality, freshness, or abundance. Yes, you must post a lot of content, but do not focus on sheer quantity. Visitors to your law firm’s website should benefit from the depth and breadth of the information shared, not merely feel overwhelmed. 5 Tips to Improve Your Law Firm SEO and Avoid Ethics Issues

While reviewing the top-5 reasons to add and revise content, keep in mind that “content” includes everything that appears on your law firm’s website. Each practice area overview, blog post, attorney bio, press release, case summary, video, and image communicates to visitors why they should trust you to answer their legal questions or help them with their case.

Top 5 Reasons Why Fresh Content Matters for Online Law Firm Marketing

New Content Improves Search ability

Law firm content marketing only works if you attract people to read or view your content. Making the content easy to find via Google, Bing, and Yahoo by including keywords is essential to steering potential clients and fellow attorneys to your content.

Adding keywords — especially more that include your city, state, and practice areas — to the content on your site increases the chances that search engines will find the material you put online. Just cramming keywords into a few existing pieces of content will backfire, however. Search engine algorithms have become so advanced that the practice known as “stuffing” is penalized. Overusing keywords also makes text hard to read. Regularly adding new content avoids both those problems by increasing keyword frequency for the site rather than just a page.

Updated Content Better Serves Clients and Colleagues

As noted above, doing legal content marketing for lawyers requires having content to market. You do not want to post just any content, however.

Content should clearly explain the services you offer, demonstrate your knowledge and experience, answer people’s questions, and invite readers or viewers to contact you for further consultation. The more content you post to your law firm’s website, the more opportunities you have to do each of those things.

Special Content Allows You to Showcase Qualifications and Accomplishments

Firms that include several types of content on their websites tend to realize the greatest returns on their investments law firm content marketing. The web development and online marketing team at SEO India Consultant describes the purposes and benefits of different web pages here. Briefly,

  • Blogs and FAQs speak directly to potential clients.
  • Case results and attorney bios give clients and professional colleagues reasons to trust the legal team.
  • Press releases and legal analyses highlight successes and attorney expertise.

Adding Content Fosters Innovation

As your website grows, you will notice that offering page after page of text simply does not appeal to viewers. This realization motivates many law firms to add videos, charts, and images with one- or two-paragraph captions. These kinds of content offer all the same opportunities to incorporate keywords for search ability, and they deliver the added benefits of making the site more user-friendly. Often, too, more-visual content communicates a greater amount of information in an easier-to-understand way than does a standard article or blog post.

More Content Can Mean More Social Media Engagement

Law firms should use their social media accounts to market their content. Posting links to new blogs and FAQs on Twitter, sharing videos over Facebook, and cross-posting press releases or analyses to LinkedIn invite clicks, views, engagement, and contacts.

The SEO India Consultant team stands ready to meet all your needs for legal content marketing. Contact us today with your questions and requests.

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