Why Do Professional SEO Firms Not Guarantee Top Search Engine Rankings?

Why Do Professional SEO Firms Not Guarantee Top Search Engine Rankings?

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SEO Firms Not Guarantee Top Search Engine Rankings

While thinking of SEO service, no doubt that better ranking on the SERPs (search engine result pages) is the primary focus of anyone. However, the one thing many out there don’t know is that the best SEO providers will not give you any guarantee on search engine rankings, as it actually doesn’t work the way one thinks about it.

From the mid-1990s to date, all the SEO scams had the tagline as “guaranteed rankings” as those street-side snake oil salesmen trying to fool the gullible buyers with the too-good-to-be-true type of promises. This, in fact, stained the entire SEO industry and also made it difficult for even the legitimate SEO services to consider using the term “guarantee.” Smart SEO Strategies to Use in 2019

Most of the SEO companies which promise ranking now achieve it by taking some smart approach to guaranteeing it against some keywords which they have chosen based on their research. In this approach, they can find out the low-competitive phrases with a high possibility of success with limited work they can do. It is the client’s responsibility to assess whether top ranking against those selected keywords offers any benefits or traffic to their business.

In fact, professional SEO providers function in a totally different way. Let’s explore why many of the authentic SEO providers don’t guarantee a top ranking.

Search engines warn against such ranking practices

The guidelines from Google on their search marketing rankings define it well for a number of related things to search engine optimization as there are many people researching about such services. All these points towards the fact that

“It is not possible for someone to guarantee a #1 Google ranking.”

Rankings are unstable inherently

If you conduct search and Melbourne and then move to Sydney later and run the same search query, the results will be totally different. There may be a variance if you log into your Google account to get some personalized search results or use a different data center to access the result for your query. You may even times wonder on the odd experience as to how the results change when you hit a refresh button with the same query.

Given this inconsistent nature of search engine results and the fact that ranking at a position on any given machine or location has something to guarantee for future or even in the immediate next moment. So, there is no wonder why the savvy SEO providers abstain from giving any such guarantee.

Nowadays, the ranking is not the top metric of online performance

Rankings don’t directly convert to traffic. You need to consider it thoroughly in order to stay ahead in your digital marketing strategies. In fact, the success of a good SEO campaign needs to be analysed based on the increase or decrease in search engine traffic and not simply ranking.

Unlike olden times, the modern-day digital marketers believe that traffic alone is useless until it is closely supported by an apt strategy for conversion optimization. This is the rate at which the traffic pumped in performs the most desired actions on the website like submitting a form, avail the coupon and make a purchase.

So, business marketers need to focus on a very solid business model in terms of search engine marketing, which consist of good website content and top-quality services. The objective of any good Melbourne SEO Firm is to drag the interested visitors on to your website on expressing their desires, which your offerings can fulfill. In other terms, one should focus on providing quality content to the visitors who actually solves the problems the face.

The metric should be traffic over ranking

No doubt that position #1 will help generate more traffic than the other search results. The metric should always be on traffic, as increased search traffic to your landing pages points to successful SEO. Try to make ranking of some top phrases your priority, which can be achieved if the goals are communicated properly with the audience.

Always remember that about 70% of the search volume you get is at the tail end of the demand curve. So, there are usually more low-hanging fruits to be found there. The objective of your search engine optimization strategies to be re-routed to also reach to these add-on results.

It is unethical to make guarantees about something which you don’t have control over

We can see how the politicians usually make false promises and fall into the trap later as they cannot deliver them as committed. In fact, they’ve been doing it this way from the dawn of politics, so by now, we have set the bar comparatively low for this. However, this is not the case in terms of business commitments. If something is guaranteed by a provider in terms of a product or service, they have to meet it by every means. This applies to SEO also.

What a professional SEO provider can best guarantee to the clients is to offer all support and consulting to help your website earn more traffic. If they are fully confident based on their analysis and complete audit of your website, they may even commit they can grow your traffic by 20, 30, or 40% within a set time frame by correcting the incompetent SEO practices you follow.

The truth is that SEO firms don’t have any direct control over the search results as like any other service provider like FedEx has direct control over the packages shipped through them or Coke has control over the taste and quantity of their beverages. It is only the search engines which are directly responsible for the ranking algorithms and so claims cannot be made by any SEO service.

By understanding this fact in its essence as to why good SEO firms don’t give you any guarantee in terms of search engine ranking, it becomes easier for the service takers to identify the most reliable providers. Search engine optimization is not an overnight goal to be achieved, so it is essential to join hands with a professional service provider which offers consistent support in the overall online performance of your brand.

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